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Well, I am a pretty reflective person; especially when it comes to my work.  There isn’t a session I have edited that I haven’t thought about something I could have done better.  Now that I have been doing this for a couple of year I am very critical of my work but oddly enough when I started I was ridiculously self-confident.  Of maybe embarrassingly self-confident.  Brent got me my first “real” camera for our anniversary 2 1/2 years ago.  I took some pictures and loved it and had a website and started taking clients a month later…  This was the picture that I thought was so amazing.

Don’t get me wrong the subject is beautiful and the emotion is there, but I didn’t have a clue (I didn’t even have Photoshop *yikes*). We will stick with this same subject because she is one of my favorite subjects and one of my favorite people in general:)





At this point I *did* have Photoshop and had discovered actions. Oh dear. My Photoshop knowledge was pretty weak this point. I also didn’t know how to shoot in manual. Fortunately, I started taking some classes.



DSC_9824 copy

DSC_9815 copy

DSC_9830 copy


I shot these of G and her little sister last month.  This wasn’t a “real” session, just a couple of shots I took after playing in Middletown Park with my boys.  If you want to see my work check out the rest of my blog  Jennifer Riley Photography’s Blog

I just want to demonstrate how much I have evolved as a photographer.  I am still taking classes (right now a Photoshop class).  I may be a little addicted to classes… I now have learned that I prefer a clean edit, and I actually know to use my camera.  If you are a photographer and want to learn how to shoot in manual I highly recommend the book Understanding Exposure by BryanPeterson.  If you have any questions about where to take classes feel free to comment on the blog.


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