How much experience do you have?

I began studying film photography in high school. I have been professionally photographing families for 9 years, and newborns for over 6 years. I was voted in in the top three photographers by the Frederick News Post. I have been trained in newborn safety, posing, and editing by the most experienced newborn photographers in the business. I have had in-person training and take online classes monthly from world renowned photographers. I spend a considerable amount of time and money perfecting my craft, as any of my clients will tell you I am an absolute perfectionist, and my goal is for you to have impeccable products that you will cherish for a lifetime.

What do you do to ensure the safety of my baby?

I am fully immunized, including the Tdap. I also get my flu shot annually. I received my second Moderna Covid immunization on March 31, 2021. As a mother myself, your babies health and safety is my highest concern. I realize that I am one of the first people to handle your new baby and I take this honor very seriously. I wash every item used each time in Dreft and I keep my studio impeccably clean.  I ensure proper ventilation in my studio and wear an N95 mask at all times. Any poses that you see in my portfolio in which the baby appears to be unsupported, are a composite—meaning that they are actually being held, and the hand is edited out in Photoshop. I will only do poses that you and your baby are comfortable with.

Do I need my own props?

Absolutely not, anything you see in my portfolio is mine and available to my clients. I have many maternity dresses available for my pregnant mamas in an array of sizes. Clients are also welcome to rent gowns at Mama Bump Rentals  While I don’t consider my style “overly propy” I do have tons of hats, wraps, headbands, blankets, baskets, and baby beds that I love to use. My style is timeless, organic and baby focused, so I try to keep my setups cohesive and simple, which make for seamless wall art collections and albums. I may have a slight addiction to shopping for my little clients;)  You are also welcome to bring props of your own and I will do my best to incorporate them into our session.

What products do you offer?

I have a vast array of gorgeous products curated from around the world. I would love to meet in person to let you see and feel the quality of my wooden photoblocks, albums, and framed wall art. Let me take care of everything for you. I will custom design your wall art to fit the style of your home décor. I take care of you every step of the way and even deliver your products to your door. Please contact me for my full product guide.

Are family shots included in the newborn session?

Yes! I parent shots are really important to me and I know that you may not feel your most beautiful in those first few days of mommy-hood, but I promise to get beautiful images of you and your new baby. Never have I had a new mom not love those images, that show that special bond between mom and baby. I also include dad and family shots as well. Siblings are welcome to be a part of the session as well. I do recommend having dad take them out of the studio after they are photographed. I have found that kids just don’t do well being in there for the length of time required for a newborn session. I am located right on Main Street in Middletown close to many great restaurants and places to walk around if you desire.

Will you travel to my home for my newborn photography session?

It is my preference to do sessions in my studio because I am able to have a perfectly controlled environment, as far as lighting and temperature for your baby, however I am also happy to come to your location if that is easier for you. I understand that sometimes it is too much to travel to me so I am available for in-home sessions.  In some cases additional fees may be required.

Do you charge extra for multiples?

Absolutely not! I LOVE working with multiples. I know that there are so many additional expenses when having multiples, and your newborn session shouldn’t be one of them.  I will have an assistant to help with the babies to ensure their safety and to help with posing at these sessions.

How do I prepare for my newborn photography session?

I have a welcome guide that I will send you that has all of the details. I also will send you a brief reminder email the day before your session and always feel free to contact me if you have any questions.